Why wouldn’t I want a natural grass green?

This one is easy! The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America says that nearly 90% of natural greens installed on residential property are either removed or lost to disease within 2 years. Additionally, maintenance costs on bent grass greens are estimated at over $6000 per year. Multisport Trak synthetic turf putting greens offer a tournament quality surface with very little maintenance or cost.

Is Multisport grass safe for my pet?

Effective for both large and small breed dogs as well as cats and other domesticated pets, Multisport lawn Pet Turf is perfect for indoor or outdoor use in large or small coverage areas. It eliminates the problem of cement causing cuts and abrasions and gravel aggravating paw pads. As your dogs and cats age, they particularly appreciate how easy and supportive this synthetic turf surface is on their joints and exposed areas of coat and skin. Best of all, this resilient, non-allergenic activity area simply looks great.

MultisportLawn Pet Turf provides an innovative and sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves on a daily basis, during transport or while on vacation. The surface also works well during an emergency such as a hurricane or other inclement weather situation when pets are required to remain indoors for longer periods of time. Maximize your pet’s safety and comfort while making it easier for you to take care of their needs with MultisportLawn Pet Turf!

Do I have to mow my new turf?

No Mowing Required! An occasional brooming and rolling is all that’s necessary to maintain its beauty and playability. Keep your green free of debris. Brush to revitalize fibers as needed. Roll with a water-filled lawn roller as desired to increase the speed and smoothness. After the initial installation is completed, just 2 or 3 hours per year is all that is required. We also offer an annual maintenance and tune-up program for our customers.

Will my turf turn brown in the winter?

No, Multisport is synthetic and maintains its beauty year round.

How long will the turf last?

Multisport synthetic turfs are UV treated to prevent color fading. The putting turfs is rated for more than 15 years of use.

What type of infill is used on Multisport synthetic turf putting greens?

The Multisport synthetic turf putting greens system integrates a unique infill system called RQS-2000 into the fibers of the turf to create a natural feel and softness - two critical components in achieving a true roll. Most competitors use ordinary sand, which causes the green to compact and harden over time. The size and round uniformity of the RQS-2000 is one of the secrets of the Multisport system’s ability to perform as a high performance practice green, maintaining shot absorbency for years to come.

Why should I add fringe to my putting green?

Fringe aprons offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional element to your golf putting turf.
A fringe apron also creates an area for you to practice chip shots.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your Multisport artificial putting green depends on many factors. Drainage conditions, topography, subsoil and size, add-on accessories, location and accessibility. Contact a local dealer or X-Grass for your putting green estimate.

What maintenance is required with a Multisport putting turf?

Multisport synthetic turf putting greens are low maintenance, high performance greens. Occasionally, you will need to use a leaf blower to remove debris (twigs, leaves, etc.) accumulated on the putting turf, and reroll to duplicate the conditions (speed) you desire.

What size and shape is a Multisport putting green?

Multisport putting turfs are custom designed for you. You are not limited on the size and
shape of your Multisport putting green. A Multisport dealer will meet with you to discuss a design
that accommodates your needs in New Jersey.

How is it built?

We start by excavating and compacting the site. Then we add a two layer compacted crushed
stone flex-base. We shape and contour to your specifications. Next, we place the synthetic turf
and add a special blend of quartz silica which causes the fibers to stand upright, relax and
blossom. Finally, we apply a combination of black and green top-dressing sand which gives
the green a realistic appearance. Our last step is to adjust the speed of the putting turf by
rolling the surface.

Will this product hold an approach shot from 100 yards or more?

Multisport's proprietary RQS in-fill resists hardening over time, ensuring Multisport artificial putting turfs provide consistent rolling putts and will "hold" shots from more than 150 yards away.

Synthetic turf Putting Greens. Call us today to find out more!