A Multisport green isn't natural grass, but it's the next best thing!


First of all, the fibers used in Multisport artificial putting greens are finer and softer than those in other artificial greens. Plus, we incorporate 36% more fibers per square inch than any other surface. Combined, those two factors with our unique infill deliver a more realistic bounce, a more realistic roll, and a more effective practice surface than any other synthetic green available today. Click here for a personalized price quote.

New Jersey Artificial Putting Greens
Features Benefits
Multisport systems are installed only by VersaSport certified technicians. Insures that every Multisport system meets the high standards meant to deliver customer satisfaction.
Exclusive infill, groomed into the turf, causing the fibers to stand upright and seperate. Gives the Multisport system its grass-like qualities for true bounce and roll characteristics.
Use of weather resistant materials and installation techniques. Means the Multisport system needs only 2 or 3 hours of maintenance per YEAR!
Low relative cost, in comparison to a natural grass putting surface. Makes the Multisport system a great value for most golfers who take their game seriously.