STI delivers a putting surface that resembles a high quality grass green. The difference is that their surface remains the same the entire year, irrespective of weather.” -David Leadbetter

Bocce has been a game that has been enjoyed by folks of all ages for hundreds of years, with origins dating to 5000BC. This trendy game is played with eight giant balls and one smaller target ball known as the jack or pallina. The object of the game is for one or more of your team’s balls to be closer than any of your opponent’s balls to the pallina at the tip of each set.

One of the reasons bocce continues to grow in popularity is that it is that it may be played virtually anywhere…the yard, the beach, indoors, etc… To some extent, as long as you’ll be able to find a relatively flat surface wherever the balls can roll, you’ll be able to play bocce. However, as folks get a lot more serious, bocce courts utilizing compacted rock, sod, sand are too rough or uneven to be adequate. This has led many to look for solutions to making the perfect bocce court – and a bocce court favorite is artificial turf!






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